Low Maintenance Cattle Market Garden

History & Modern Design In One Extraordinary Place …

When you are local to an area for almost your entire life, some landmarks and building features can mean a lot to you. I was really excited to be asked to design a garden which shares one side of the local Cattle Market walls, with their rusted bosses leading to rings which the cattle used to be tethered to.


The client immediately put raised beds into the design brief and I realised that large containers would do the same job but be more expedient. They also will not cause any damage to the historic flint walls. The containers I had on mind could only really be one thing….Cattle Troughs!


The walls here have all that character which comes from time and history. In fact, in places, they are crumbling a bit. Rain runs off walls but it sits on the ground and so it’s important to use really suitable materials for patios and not soft bricks.


As the main patio area, I found a neat product which really looks like old bricks but is, in fact, a frost and water resistant pavoir. With the walls being Flint with a couple of bands of Bricks, I inverted this in the design of the patio and made it Brick with a couple of bands of Flint.


I have included a couple of modest water features which have water loving and aquatic plants in them. Rather than a big splashed sound, these just make a subtle burbling as the water bubbles around.


My client wanted a lawn, so I found space for that with a path on all side to make it easy to mow and neatly edged. There is also an irrigation system which tops up the water features when it comes on.


Quite a lot thought had to be put into the placing of the lights. I products a plan for the lighting and researched the products needed. They are controlled by a wireless system so that the switch can just be stuck onto a wall (no chasing in) and if the clients so chooses, he can use a phone app to control them.